Tim Johnson Creator

I have made martial arts a part of my life for over 20 years. Having studied and taught Chinese Kung Fu, Shaolin Kempo, Capoeira, Fencing and others, I hold these styles and the philosophies of them near and dear to my heart. I live by their morals and use their teachings in my life every single day. No matter what style you teach or study, it is important to understand their founding philosophies, and it is necessary to put faces to the styles to truly understand them.

This martial arts lineage project will provide a growing database of every martial arts instructor in the world, past and present, including a photo, a list of their instructors, students, schools and styles and some pertinent information about them. Additionally, it will give people the means to find out how far removed they are from their idols... Bruce Lee, Mestre Bimba, Nick Cerio, etc. as well as celebrities, like Elvis!

Never before has such a martial arts lineage database project been undertaken and it will require help from the entire martial arts community. In addition to adding the ancient masters and originators of the arts, I'm also encouraging YOU to become part of the lineage tree! Add yourself, your martial arts school(s), style(s) and your instructor(s).