How to use

Where do I begin?

Start by searching the database for martial artists you want to learn about. Someone famous? Someone close to you, maybe your instructor? If they have been added to the database, you can view their page and read any stories that people have contributed, comment on people and styles and contribute your own knowledge to the database!

Become part of the lineage tree!

This is such a massive project and I couldn't possibly fill in all the blanks myself, so I need your help! Create a page for yourself and all of your instructors. At some point you will link up with the rest of the lineage database and the rest of the known martial artists in your lineage will be linked to your tree. All entries will be monitored and all duplicate pages will be eliminated, so make sure to read the rules first.

Involve your school

Involve your school in the lineage tree which also means getting a great looking webpage for your school with photos, videos and class information integrated into the lineage database. When you add your school's lineage to the tree you can also contribute by sharing stories about each person, comment on their page, attach a quote, or link to another website with more information. A story can be a training experience you had with that person or something else about them. All stories are reviewed for accuracy and appropriateness.

Below you will find an outline of other helpful articles for various things you may need to know to get started.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have as well. I love hearing from other interested martial artists!