Add Martial Artists to the Database

Create a "lineage page" for any martial artist past or present. You will be allowed to upload a profile image, add some basic information about their life, the styles they studied, schools they attended, and where and when they lived.

It's important that we do not create duplicate entries for martial artists despite possible alternate spellings caused by the translation to English. For instance, creating a page for "Wong Long" would create a duplicate of the page for "Wang Lang" even though it may simply be an alternate spelling. THIS IS BAD. Please make sure to be diligent about searching for existing pages and alternate spellings before adding a new one.

Use the search tool to find out if someone already exists, and to make sure duplicate pages are not created, make sure to:

  1. Search for alternate spellings.
  2. Search for just the person's last name, or a part of their name.
  3. Search for the most common spelling.

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The Anatomy of a Martial Artist Page: