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Create a page for your school in the database

List founder of the school

Add country, state/province and city to school page

Users can find your school by name or location

Users can add your school to their bookmarks

Users can "Like" your page on Facebook

Provide a map to your school on the page

Premium directory listing with school logo, all contact info, school founder and styles listed. more info

Upload your school logo
Upload a banner image for the page header
Display a school motto
Upload videos to your school page and the pages of your students
Upload up to 6 photos of your school
Create an "about us", "class schedule" and "philosophy" section to tell the community about your school
Display your school's interactive lineage tree on your page
Link to your school's official website
List email address and contact information
List the style(s) your school teaches
The founders of the styles you teach will be displayed on the page
List the instructors at your school
Users can search your school by location & style

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