Supporting our Japanese Ancestors

On March 11, 2011 Japan suffered one of the worst earthquakes which spawned a massive tsunami killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

In support of all the rich martial arts history that we owe to Japan over the centuries, is proud to donate 30% of all the proceeds in 2011 to support the residents and workers in and around the disaster area. I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate the grand opening of the Martial Arts Lineage Project than to contribute as much as I can to support a country that has given us so much.

Find out more about how to become a sponsor and know that you will also be supporting the massive disaster relief effort and your martial arts brothers and sisters in Japan. You don't have to do anything special when signing up because 30% of the proceeds from your yearly subscription will be going directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

Become A Sponsor

How it works

If you become a sponsor and purchase a webpage or directory listing from us we'll donate half of all yearly subscriptions we receive, right away, directly to Japan for disaster relief.

Directory listing:

You pay $60/year we donate $18 right away.


You pay $180/year we donate $54 right away.

Yearly Subscriptions Only

Logistically, we can not donate half of monthly subscriptions due to minimum donation amounts.

maLineage and the rest of the world thank you for your support!

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