Grandmaster George Pesare

Born: 1938 Died: 2012 RI United States
In changing, we find a purpose.
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George Pesare founded the style of: Kaito Gakko
George Pesare is the founder of George Pesare's Kempo Karate Institute

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I'll never forget what George

I'll never forget what George taught me and he taught me so much. The most important thing I learned from this great man was to face fear and make it run away in terror. He was a friend like no other. He meant so much to so many. I never knew anyone who helped and guided so many people from so many different walks of life. I am proud to have had the privilege to be his friend, his student. His influence on those around him was absolutely remarkable. Those of us who knew him will likely never know anyone like him again. He was a true phenom in the greatest sense. The kind of mortal rarely sent to us by God to help us find out who we are and help us understand how we can better ourselves. We may not have enjoyed the journey, but the destination was well worth the trip. Federal Hill can stand proud to call George Pesare one of its' own. I will never forget you, George. I'll never forget your wisdom, your kindness, your friendship, your loyalty, your inspiration. Never. Take care, my friend. Take care.