Transformation Through the Martial Arts

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An in-depth interview with Kajukenbo and Siddha Yoga practitioner Professor Barbara Bones. Hear how her profound experiences in both the outer and inner arts contributed to transformation for herself and her students.

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Some background on Professor Barbara Bones:
"My training in the martial arts began in 1971 in the art of Tae Kwon Do. I migrated to Kajukenbo (Gaylord Method) in 1972, being drawn to the freedom and creativity of the art. I am now an 8th degree in Kajukenbo. For many years I competed in tournaments and was named one of the top five female competitors by Black Belt magazine in 1975. After 1976, my focus changed to teaching. Along with Sifu Joyce Towne, I started Amazon Kung Fu in Eugene, OR. Many students reached the rank of black belt during those years including Professor Coleen Gragen, Sifu Anne Moon and Chief Instructor Aaron Ibbotson.

My training in Modern Arnis was with Professor Remy Presas. His teaching inspired thousands of practitioners around the world to become greater, to practice with enthusiasm, to move with ease and power.

Through this lineage, three prominent Kajukenbo schools have arisen: Hand to Hand Kajukenbo now led by Chief Instructor Sonya Richardson, Seattle Kajukenbo led by Chief Instructor Melinda Johnson and Seven Star Women's Kung Fu led by Chief Instructor Michelle McVadon. These schools have promoted more than 65 Black Belts and have made significant advances and contributions to the women's martial arts movement, the welfare and wellbeing of their respective communities and the art of Kajukenbo as a whole."

Professor Barbara Bones
Amazon Kung Fu