Wudang Swordsmen Academy
Traditional Wudang Taijiquan, Gongfu, & Daoist Longevity Practices
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269 S Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18701


About Us

"One of these most revered styles of Chinese Martial Arts, the Wudang arts offer a unique look at self-defense and the martial skill. Focusing on adhering to the opponent's force, and not overcoming, Wudang Gongfu (Kung Fu) & Taijiquan (Tai Chi) are a blend of soft-hard, slow-fast, & health-combat. With a focus on longevity, these arts can be practiced by those interested in any point of life, with any limitations, and at any age. We welcome questions and offer many class options to help reach out to everyone in the community who takes interest in the marital arts and Chinese health practices."

"Wudang Daoist disciple & martial arts instructor Michael A. Vollero (Daoist name 夏崇义, Xìa Chóngyì) is a a lifelong martial artist, and one of the only non-Chinese to ever be formally recognized at Wudang Mountain as a disciple in the Dragon Gate Sect. As a fulltime instructor, these arts have been life-changing for Instructor Vollero, and he hopes to share those benefits with those willing to learn and study."

Our Philosophy

"Embrace the Yin, follow the path of least resistance, and remember the goal of Longevity."