Senior Grand Master George Pesare brought Kempo karate to New England from California in the late 1960's and with it the legacy of generations of martial artists to follow. Witness this one-of-a-kind historic training footage of Senior Grandmaster Pesare teaching those who would become grandmasters in their own time and work to spread the teachings of kempo karate to thousands of other martial artists, nationwide.

Narrated by Senior Grandmaster Pesare himself, watch the techniques taught in the early days of Kempo karate. Learn how kempo evolved in the middle of the 20th century. See private backyard training sessions, group lessons in the park and some of the first kempo tournament footage.

Experience the only known footage of the Roger Carpenter - John Bal'ee fight of 1973. One of the first no-holds-barred fights, in Wichita Kansas.

This documentary is a MUST for any kempo enthusiast or martial arts history buff.