Training on Mt Kinkai, Kyushu, Japan

Training on Mt Kinkai, Kyushu, Japan

From an early age James Mitose and his sisters (Shizue and Kimie) would be raised by the father and mother of Kiyoka! Kiyoka's father (Mitose's grandfather) was the 20th Kosho great grand master and it was from him that he received most of his training in Kenpo/Kosho.

Mt. Kinkai is the location of the Yoshida Family Temple in Japan. The temple is affiliated with the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism!

It would be at this temple that James M. Mitose would receive a part of his training in both the martial arts and Zen Buddhism. But as James Mitose pointed out - "during this period of the family lived in many places in Japan, not just Kinkai". However his primary training until he was 18 was at the temple.

It would be here that he got his first taste of Zen life.

As a Zen priest they had two choices when it came to food.

1. They could go out every day with their begging bowl and beg for food. The last meal every day in Zen Buddhism is eaten at 12:00 noon! If you did not get any rice by begging by this time you went hungry!

2. Second. They could grow their own food - with everyone in the temple - no matter their rank - doing equal work! This also make them less dependent upon the rest of the world.

When James Mitose was given his choice, he elected to live in the temple, where like the other priest his head was shaven and they grew their own food. The diet was very simple: always rice and a few fresh vegetables in season! Pickled vegetables during the winter. Occasionally they would have a little *(fresh fish) almost always eaten raw (sushi)! Otherwise no flesh on any animals was were ever eaten.

*In Buddhism meat is never eaten. In china not even Fish is allowed. In Japan they would break from this tradition to allow fist to be eaten!

Many times James M. Mitose would make reference to this temple. Despite this many Kosho practitioners claim the temple does not exist because they cannot find it on the map. Since they could not find it, they went off and found another temple and claimed this was the temple on Mt. Kinkai. The trouble is the temple they found is not even on a mountain. The temple they found is not even close to were that Mitose described. In addition the temple they found was a large, well known temple with a history of its own. It was not just the "Rinzai" family temple of the Yoshidas.

In his trial he made many references to Mt. Kinkai and the temple. As he pointed out they (the Yoshidas) owned all the territory around it. Later he was to clarify this as to mean the entire mountain.

Its there in Plain sight. On the Maps of Japan it is simply listed as Kinkai - with out the (san) meaning mount after it!

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