Tiger ManCatt

Person: Donald Kinnie

Tiger ManCatt

Tiger ManCatt was created by Donald Kinnie in the beginning of 2008. He was intended to be an over-the-top Karate Instructor character for webisode infomercials promoting his Instructional video series. “Don’t live your life in slo-mo, make your home a dojo!” Some of you have probably seen the popular series “Enter the Dojo Show” which not only follows this general concept, but also features glaringly similar demeanor and speech patterns of the main character. What it does not feature is the knowledge and abilities of Donald Kinnie.

Inspired by movies, Donald Kinnie started teaching himself martial arts at 3 years old. At 5 he learned the basics of Karate and Tae Kwon Do. At 11 he took almost a year of ballet, inspired by his hero Jean Claude Van Damme, to prepare his body for training at The Red Dragon Martial Arts Center in Pikeside WV. There he studied Tang Soo Do and American Freestyle. Although he technically never ranked above green belt, Donald Kinnie was training for his black belt when he quit at 16 years old to pursue Acting School at Marymount Manhattan College.

Summer of 2006 to summer of 2007, Donald relocated to Hollywood. While appearing in many “stand-in” or “bit” parts for television and radio, he rediscovered his primary passion of Karate at the Hollywood Seido Dojo. The strict traditional Japanese atmosphere and teaching style gave him the discipline and precision of technique he had been searching for all of his life.

Currently, Donald trains under multiple styles and masters, seeking to create his own style of American Kung Fu! These are his adventures in the Martial Arts! Osu! (Japanese term for respect)

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