Weapons and sweaty hands don't mix!

Person: Douglas Thomas

Weapons and sweaty hands don't mix!

During a pre-test for black belt, I performed a nunchaku kata with wooden nunchaku after I had finished all of my other test requirements and I was very sweaty. At the end of the kata, both ends of the nunchaku were in my right hand and I had to release one end in a jabbing motion then bring it around to catch it in the same hand. I was about a foot away from the judge's table right in front of Carrie Avian. When I made the move, instead of just one end leaving my hand both ends came out right toward the face of Ms. Avian. With phenomenal speed, she clapped the nunchaku between her hands mere inches from her face then calmly handed them back to me. I took a well-deserved ribbing from my instructors.

But wait there's more...

I then had to show my Iaido sword drawing forms. On the first draw of my bokken, it slid out of my hand and skittered across the floor. Naturally, more ribbing ensued. I will never forget that day and I know my instructors will not let me forget it either.

Sources: Sweaty Nunchaku