Innovative Wing Chun

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About Innovative Wing Chun


A fighting system for today has to work against any attacker, no matter if the fight is standing up or goes to the ground; armed or unarmed. Armando Sainz' innovative system does just that through the influence of scientific, Western Martial Arts knowledge (pre-sport Bare-Knuckle Boxing) along with tested Chen Tai Chi influenced Wing Chun concepts, producing sensitized, yet extraordinarily powerful, accurate energy. This system has also been polished off by keeping reality based self-defense thinking at the forefront and adapting a completely compatible counter-grappling and weapons method of which most Wing Chun practitioners possess little if any knowledge.

There are many Wing Chun practitioners today who believe that their system is complete in that it is fully ready for street self-defense. They tend to believe this because Wing Chun is so effective at close range ending most fights within seconds. However, their lack of aptitude against grapplers and armed assailants reflects a problematic actuality. When taken out of their "comfort zone" they lose their skillful edge. Although the system's concepts hold the keys to fully expanding Wing Chun, most practice it with little or no regard to working real world scenarios. They never dream of breaking with tradition or exceeding the methods of their teachers.

Innovative Wing Chun is the updated form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. It is not traditional in that it is not limited by the unwritten laws of men who have long since lost sight of what really works on the street. It picks up seamlessly where Wing Chun is deficient; or better said where some teachers are deficient, without discarding any of its concepts, unlocking its most powerful attributes.

In general, Wing Chun Kung Fu is known as one of the most effective martial arts in the world. It differs from many of today's popular systems, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. These systems block first and then attack. Wing Chun emphasizes self-defense, focusing on methods that allow a deflection and an attack in the same movement. The system is based on human biomechanics rather than animal movements, using primarily straight line, fast, direct strikes and sophisticated simultaneous blocking and striking techniques, redirecting the force of an opponent rather than attempting to meet a possibly greater force directly. The way the system produces efficient fighters in a relatively short amount of time is by sticking to several core concepts and by paying strict attention to positioning. Much training time is spent cultivating sensitivity or contact reflexes. The student practices guarding various zones about the body and deals with whatever happens to be contacted or touched in that zone. This allows for a minimum of technique with a maximum of application, and for the use of an automatic or subconscious response.

Armando Sainz has enhanced Wing Chun by unlocking its concepts and expanding the Wing Chun system, answering modern, realistic scenarios. Other Wing Chun people sometimes call themselves comprehensive but in fact many of them lack understanding of the diverse circumstances within real fighting in the 21st century rendering them ineffective when taken outside of their traditional training norm. Innovative Wing Chun is fully developed and most of all it functions in all fighting situations and fighting ranges; standing or on the ground. It is a scientific method designed to work effectively for the individual practitioner without any need for preconceived maneuvers in any given self-defense scenario. This unabridged martial art is a diversified and streamlined self-defense that works in the real world.

Innovative Wing Chun is Armando Sainz' complete martial arts system with a detailed curriculum that combines the best in private, personal self-defense training with the high level skill of advanced and optimized Wing Chun Kung Fu. Every aspect of self-protection is taught whether standing, on the ground, one opponent or multiple, armed or unarmed. Everything that Grandmaster Ip Man taught is in this system. None of the excellent Wing Chun attributes have been lost. In fact, they have been enhanced and taken to their highest levels by careful study and incorporating Western thought and fighting methods.

The basic curriculum is as follows...

Siu Nim Tao - Essential techniques with advanced concepts.
Chum Qiu - Interception, control and explosive power.
Bil Gee - Dynamic sphere energy with counter grappling maneuvers.
Muk Jong - The Wooden Dummy; working footwork, positioning and distancing.
Luk Dim Boon Quan - Dragon Pole; reveals the secrets of range and efficiency in both empty hands and weapons.
Bart Cham Doh - Butterfly Knives; reveals counter-grappling footwork and completes the maneuvers learned in bil gee.
Practical Weapons - SKG Concepts® - blunt instruments, edged weapons and firearms.
Counter Grappling - Effectively dealing with grapplers, wrestlers, MMA types or anyone who wants to grab you.
East Meets West - Western Martial Arts methods with extensive Tai Chi knowledge.
Reality Based Mentality - Deep understanding of real self-defense, free from sport or traditional thinking.​

The bottom line is you will be able to do what any good Wing Chun practitioner can do, but they will not be able to do all that you can do. This system teaches students to effectively adapt to different situations and be proficient in all fighting ranges including close-quarters, mid-range and long-range combat. You will learn to successfully nullify any attacker with minimal effort within seconds.

Find What You've Been Looking For


Experience the exceptional effectiveness of the Innovative Wing Chun system. Right from the beginning you will realize that you are learning a system that really works and doesn't require you to be an athlete in the classic sense.

*Use structure (skeletal alignment) rather than muscles to deliver devastating blows eliminating the need to be strong yourself.

*Use important concepts that will make you seem faster without actually being physically fast yourself.

*Defend yourself against a single or multiple attackers without throwing high, fancy kicks that slow you down and make you vulnerable.

*Finish quickly and efficiently against punchers, kickers or grapplers (wrestlers) which are the three kinds of fighters you will encounter.

*Know how to defend against blunt instruments, edged weapons and firearms which are the three catagories of weapons out there.

*Be able to use their weapons against them with skill.

*Avoid the limited effectiveness of sport oriented or traditional systems.

*Understand different scenarios and situations and the laws that govern self-defense.

*Learn fighting skills quicker than in other martial arts systems and their respective schools.

Innovative Wing Chun is designed to recapture the ancient knowledge of those who fully understood life and death conflict, coupled with modern self-defense scenario awareness. This is where ancient martial arts knowledge and modern self-defense insight come together.



There is a generally accepted legend about a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui, a master of Kung Fu that developed a system effective against men and her friendship with Yim Wing Chun whom she named her kung fu system after. There is also a more believable account with some historic documentation of a man named Leung Jan, his Tai Chi roots and his development of Wing Chun by his encounters with European bare-knuckle fighters.

Whatever the true origin, the Wing Chun system has been developed by some very intelligent individuals who took great care in making Wing Chun a highly efficient kung fu and China's martial arts treasure. As techniques were passed along, the now traditional weapons of the system were incorporated into Wing Chun Kung Fu as well. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, (another name for their horrific communist dictatorship), Wing Chun, like other martial arts, was banned in China and survived only through the persistence of practitioners like Ip Man. The veil of secrecy around the art was finally broken in 1949, when Grandmaster Ip Man brought the style out of communist China into Hong Kong and eventually to the rest of the world.

Leung Sheung had heard about Wing Chun since he was quite young, and in 1949, found out that one of its most famous teachers, Ip Man was currently in Hong Kong. Leung Sheung promptly introduced Lok Yiu and Tsui Sheung-Tin to Ip Man, and the three of them became the first batch of Wing Chun students in Hong Kong. From 1949 until 1978, Leung Sheung remained Ip Man's most senior student. He trained under Ip intensively and taught Wing Chun until his passing in 1978. Among Leung Sheung's more well known students are Kenneth Chung, Leung Ting, Jack Ling, Siu Wong, and others. Armando Sainz' lineage descends from Kenneth Chung who best retained Leung Sheung's methods and most importantly, his unique energy.

Armando's lineage is distinctive in many ways and extraordinary because each master in the line is a senior student of the previous teacher. More than that, however, Wing Chun's development went into high gear when insightful individuals like Karl Godwin began an innovative expansion of this great martial art. Long Bridge Boxing, an advanced form of western bare-knuckle boxing, came to our line through the study of the roots of the world's martial arts. In particular those of western fighting arts; their development and finally, their compatibility with Wing Chun.

Western pugilism or bare-knuckle boxing is an almost forgotten, yet punishingly brutal street self-defense system. The practice of bare-knuckle boxing dates back to ancient times and was unparalleled during the Renaissance where fencing science and human biomechanics were meticulously applied to hand-to-hand self-defense. It was once considered one of the most effective empty hand systems in the western world. Punches and kicks are delivered with devastating, bone breaking power. It is the original form of pre-sport boxing, a.k.a. old school boxing, more closely related to ancient combat systems. Armando has taken this scientific western fighting system; fortified it with an eastern and western conceptual baseline and coupled it with modern scenario thinking. The result is a formidable "world knowledge" martial art method that is superior to other Western systems like Bartitsu and that few if any Asian martial arts can rival. Also, an extreme close quarters aspect to the system was developed thereby creating a method that is equally secure in kicking range, boxing range and at very close range.

As a result, Sifu Armando has spent much time developing, refining and teaching his western influenced, cutting-edge Wing Chun. Armando took what he learned and further developed it by studying the internal aspects of Wing Chun via Chen Tai Chi Chuan. He spent two years training with Master Frank Paolillo and studying the essence of Chen Tai Chi; which is realized in its distinctive silk-reeling spiraling power. Armando's Tai Chi insights coupled with scientific principles, allowed him to reinforce his martial art and to address the grappling issue by developing a complete anti-grappling (aka counter-grappling) curriculum using geometry and human biomechanics.

​Counter-Grappling is the complete solution for dealing with any grappling situation. It is the perfect equivalent counterpart answer for the Wing Chun practitioner or anyone wanting to powerfully and effectively counter a grappler or wrestler no matter his style. Counter-Grappling is an authoritative, concept based, structurally well-built method that allows you to counteract all grappling attempts. It naturally sustains the fluid effortlessness that is present in the stand up Wing Chun approach, but now is applied on the ground. You will be able to counter and negate grappling maneuvers while using the grappler's strength and tactics against him. Basically, Armando unlocked what was already present within the concepts of the system that others didn't see. It is a completely compatible method that has shown itself to be exceptionally effective. This superior method allows you to be able to deal with any person quickly and move on to the next attacker with ease in an almost effortless manner.

Armando also adapted practical concept based weapons to his curriculum. He developed a weapons system that is in tune with the sum and substance of his martial art. SKG Concepts is Stick, Knife and Gun self-defense. Private students have the opportunity to train with different types of weapons. The ones Sifu Armando concentrates on are stick, knife and gun because they represent a blunt instrument, an edged weapon and a firearm. These three embody all weapons one might encounter on the street. Students are taught how to defend themselves against armed assailants using weapons or empty hands. SKG Concepts is unique in that it is a systematic method of weapon self-defense that has been proven time and again.

No matter the weapon Sifu Armando's system employs special concepts that enable the practitioner to disarm the attacker within three moves. This means the fight is over within seconds. Practical scenario conscious street self-defense is a major part of this program and all our programs. SKG Concepts can be taught by itself as a self-defense system. This system allows the practitioner to disarm assailants, and use their weapons against them. Also this method pits weapons against each other so that in the trained hands of the practitioner, the self-defense scenario is handled quickly. Innovative Wing Chun is an unabridged, up to date martial art that enables the practitioner to be at the ready.

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