Upcoming Additions

As if this project wasn't massive enough, I'm planning on making improvements based on your feedback. Stay tuned for a list of additions and improvements I'm planning to make:

  • View an interactive lineage tree that encompasses ALL martial artists in the database to find lateral relationships.
  • Printable custom lineage trees for your school.
  • You will be able to press a "Find Legendary Ancestors" button to find famous martial artists related to you.
  • There will also be a "Find Related Celebrities" button to see how you are related (in a martial arts sense) to people like Elvis!
  • Find descendant schools of any martial artist.
  • YouTube videos for people, styles & schools
  • Add a link to related books & movies for people & styles
  • A Facebook app for sharing your lineage, stories, quotes, etc with your friends
  • An Android app for browsing the Martial Arts lineage project wherever you go.
  • An embeddable code widget for your school's webpage showing your integration into the lineage project.